Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Week Ends the Week Begins

Hello!  I hope that everyone had a wonderful three day weekend.  I know I did! And as always I'm sad to see the weekend go, especially those of the three day variety.  This weekend for us was the perfect mix of busy and relaxing.  Here's what we did:

Friday night was our date night - high school style.  We went to the mall and enjoyed a delicious food court dinner.  It was cheap and fun.  We then headed over to the movie theater and saw Going the Distance.  I HIGHLY recommend this movie for several reasons.  Its the perfect mixture of chic flick and guy comedy (which I happen to enjoy).  There was romance, but it was also funny, and not that cheesy funny. It also wasn't totally predictable, which is always a big bonus for me because lately it seems every movie I see is a carbon copy of another.  Plus I really enjoy Drew Barrymore.  So all told?  "Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.  Fine Holiday fun!"

Saturday was a day I wish all my days were like.  We slept in, got coffee from Starbucks, laid around watching episodes of Entourage, went to Target and just relaxed.  And just so I could say that I wasn't a total waste all day, I actually went and got all domestic by straightening, dusting and vacuuming my entire downstairs. 

The evening was spent with some old college friends at a local pizza place and a dueling piano bar.  Have you ever been to a dueling piano bar?  If not, you should go as they are pretty fun if you enjoy listening to good music and singing along.  The coolest part is you can pretty much request anything and they can play it.  Party in the USA?  Done.  Must be the Money?  Done.  Piano Man?  Done.

Sunday morning we woke up early, but went to a later mass with my mom and dad and brother and his girlfriend.  We then went to lunch and I promptly came home, read, and took a nap.  It was perfect.  Later in the evening we had some friends and family over for a cookout and to watch the annual fireworks display that goes on around here.

Monday was spent relaxing with the husband and the dog.  I went to pick up an old piece of furniture from a friend that we're going to rehab (and when I say we I mean my husband) and use as a vanity.  I'm really excited about it!  We then had dinner at my parents house and went to bed early.

Overall it was an awesome weekend, and I wish it didn't end so quickly!

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